11 Crafty Gifts From Target To Bring Out Your Kiddo’s Creative Side

11 Crafty Gifts From Target To Bring Out Your Kiddo's Creative Side

If you think back — even if it’s way, way back — there’s a good chance that you can remember at least one craft that you absolutely loved as a kid. Maybe it was tie-dying a t-shirt or making spin art. Maybe you were an expert friendship bracelet weaver or were adept at braiding those plastic woven lanyards every ’90s kid had. The point is, when you’re a kid, crafts are cool.

What adults know that kids don’t is that they’re also a sneaky learning tool. For young kids, using things like crayons and paint brushes help develop fine motor skills. Crafts help kids of all ages discover and tap into their creative side. There’s also a sense of pride when you finish a craft. What kid isn’t excited to show their parents what they made? There’s benefits for adults, too. Crafting with your kid is a way to bond with them — or a way to keep them busy while you get some “me” time.

There’s certainly no shortage of ways kids can get crafty. Rounded up here are 12 craft kits from Target to gift the kid in your life. Whatever they’re into, there’s a creative gift for them in the list ahead.

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