13-year-old Hanako loves staying busy playing sports, drawing & reading

13-year-old Hanako loves staying busy playing sports, drawing & reading

Our Grant Me Hope child this week is 13-year-old Naliyha, who prefers to be called Hanako, and loves participating in extracurricular activities.

Some of those activities include volleyball, soccer, track, drama, art, music, literature, story writing and technology.

On the weekends, you can find Hanako playing video games, drawing, reading, listening to music or baking.

They try sushi, bread and different Asian cuisines, but they don’t have a favorite animal. Instead, they “like them all.”

“I’m an introvert; I like animals; horror is my favorite genre; I like anime; I like to sleep; I talk to myself,” they said.

“Hanako is a kind-hearted, outgoing youth,” says one of their close adults. “They are able to build social relationships with peers and adults. They are reported to have an infectious personality which causes peers to gravitate towards them.”

Hanako desires to be in a home with a loving and devoted family,” says a close adult. Hanako would do well with a parent or parents who are experienced and trauma-informed. Their new forever family needs to make sure Hanako gets any support services to flourish. Hanako would do best as the only child so they get the attention and supervision they require.

For more information on Hanako, click here, and see a list of waiting children on the MARE website, or on our Grant Me Hope page.


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