40 Gifts for Artists – National Today

40 Gifts for Artists - National Today

Masterclass Subscription

Masterclass is a great way to learn new things. This all-access gift pass is a way to get that budding new artist ready to understand their new field of interest. Masterclass has a varied menu and whatever aspect they might be interested in, masterclass has a course for them. From photography to makeup, there are several art courses to inspire the new artist.

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Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn

If you have a new artist in your life, especially one who loves knitting, why not give them this Softee yarn from Bernat? Instead of buying a blanket, a plush throw, or a sweater, they can knit themselves. This yarn is incredibly soft and easy to work with, making it the best choice of gift for new artists who want to work on quick projects like a hat and mittens.

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A Pound of Flesh Practice Tattoo Skin Silicone

Sometimes the best gifts are understated like this silicone tattoo skin. This toned practice skin is the appropriate gift for the budding tattoo artist in your life. This practice skin from A Pound of Flesh is the best for honing their tattooing techniques and building their confidence in the tattoo studio.

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Craftsy Classes

These classes by Craftsy are for the artsy DIYer. Gifting a new artist with these classes is a great way to show that you believe in them. These classes offer hands-on, step-by-step instructions specially curated to improve the learning experience. One of the best things about Craftsy is how affordable they are. With over 1500 classes in their repertoire, there is room for new artists to grow.

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Tulip Tie Dye Party Kit

There is almost nothing that encourages new artists like diving right into it. This Tie Dye Party Kit is a great gift to inspire their first project. This 123-piece kit contains gloves, rubber bands, fuchsia, coral, yellow, lime, red, turquoise, orange, pink, green, black, teal, blue, purple, and violet dye bottles, a surface cover, and an instruction sheet , all in a plastic storage tube.

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