Adam Sandler Clarifies Whether He And Chris Farley Were Actually Fired From SNL

Chris Farley and Adam Sandler in the Saturday Night Live sketch

Every few years or so, Saturday Night Live goes through a major sea change as notable cast members leave or are let go from the show. After many long-time cast members left in 2022 between Seasons 47 and 48, it reminded viewers of a similar transition after Season 20 when popular stars like Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and Adam Sandler exited the late-night sketch series. A few years ago, Sandler claimed he and Farley’s contracts weren’t renewed between Seasons 20 and 21. The Hustle star has seemingly changed his tune on his SNL termination as he chose to clarify whether he and his late castmate were actually fired.

When Sandler and Farley were let go from the sketch series, they were two of the show’s most popular cast members. They appeared in notable sketches like “Zagat’s with Hank and Beverly Gelfand” and “Gap Girls at the Foodcourt.” But their popularity couldn’t save them from getting the axe. While Sandler claimed he and the Black Sheep star were fired, the comedian spilled to THR how the two stars were the victims of a power shift at NBC.

It was kind of like them asking us to quit. There were new people at the network, and apparently they didn’t like me and Chris, so they kind of said goodbye to us in a nice way. Lorne was great to us, he wanted to protect us.

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