‘Adventure Time’ creator Pendleton Ward grew up in San Antonio

'Adventure Time' creator Pendleton Ward grew up in San Antonio

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Long before the days of the internet and streaming platforms, one creative San Antonio teen was coming up with ideas and practicing his craft that would earn him recognition in the world of animation. Ward Taylor Pendleton Johnston, known professionally as Pendleton Ward, was born and raised in San Antonio before going on to create animated series like Adventure Time and The Midnight Gospel.

Yes, it’s true. Ward, born in 1982, showed his interest in the arts growing up in San Antonio. He took after his mother, also an artist and who voiced Poodle on Adventure Time, and began drawing flipbooks when he was in first grade. With friends, Ward also made short comic books. Before leaving San Antonio to hone his craft at the California Institute of the Arts, Ward attended the Northeast School of Arts.

Ward then became a household name for cartoon lovers of all ages, especially after creating a Cartoon Network favorite Adventure Time. The Emmy Award-winning show first premiered in 2010, not long after Nickelodeon rejected the pilot for the show, and ran for 10 seasons. He also famously voiced Lumpy Space Princess on the show. Ward has discussed Adventure Time being influenced by another Cartoon Network project, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjackfor which he was a writer and storyboard artist.

Cartoon Network’s hit animated series, created by San Antonio’s own Pendleton Ward, fuses Dungeons & Dragons fantasy with algebraic hilarity, courtesy of Finn the boy and his righteous shape-shifting dog pal Jake in the mythical, mathematical Land of Ooo.

Pendleton Ward / Cartoon Network

More recently, Ward has teamed up with Netflix for his adult animated interview series The Midnight Gospel, which features podcast audio from co-creator and comedian Duncan Trussell. The series was canceled after one season.

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