Artist preserves Lancaster Festival memories through his sketches

Local artist Gerald Owsley sketches the Lancaster Festival's brass quintet last week downtown.

LANCASTER – The 2022 Lancaster Festival is now history and only the memories remain. But local artist Gerald Owsley has a unique way of preserving those memories.

He sketches prints of various festival acts and events, including last week’s festival brass quintet’s lunch time concert downtown.

“This is what I call the window method,” Owsley said of sketching that performance. “I imagine looking through a window and drawing on the window. Then I project that the window is my drawing paper.”

Several times during that concert Owsley held up a clear piece of plastic and looked at the quintet and then would go back to drawing. He completed his sketch as the quintet finished its 60-minute set.

Owsley said he’s been drawing at the festival “ever since I could hang on to an old Crayon and take a swipe at the old wall.”

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