Artists brighten up downtown sidewalks during Lancaster Festival

Olivia Stump, 20, chalked a pink lotus flower as her entry for her third Art Walk.

LANCASTER — Artists of all ages congregated in downtown Lancaster to participate in the Italian Street Painting event for the 2022 Lancaster Festival Art Walk.

By noon on Thursday, Fountain Square’s sidewalks had been detailed with cartoon characters, flora and fauna, and optical illusions.

Sidewalk chalk murals spectators see during the Art Walk may have taken many hours, or even days, for amateur and experienced artists to create. Offered as a Lancaster Festival activity, street painting prompted dozens of adults and children to include their talents in this year’s Art Walk.

Many of those who were working on their drawings had brought friends and family with them to either participate or to keep themselves, as the artists, entertained during the hours-long process.

Laurelville resident, Olivia Stump, was one of the latter artists; she brought her mother with her for support, and to act as an occasional assistant as she worked on finishing a pink lotus flower and lily pads. Chalk art is not a new medium for Stump, as she has participated in the Art Walk three times and constantly chalks at home.

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