Aubrey Plaza’s Answers are TMI


Saturday Night Live came back after a small break with a brilliant episode. Mainly because guest Aubrey Plaza nailed it. Plaza along with musical guest Sam Smith showed us just how good the sketch comedy series could be. One of the first sketches of the night came from a “Game Night” premise called “Taboo”. When a cul-de-sac gets together for a neighbor night so they can all get to know each other, they learn a lot about one of their new neighbors that they might not want to know.

Plaza and Mikey Day were a husband and wife who not only took Taboo too seriously but also let their neighbors know too much about them. Like how much Plaza loves guns and how the game was turning her on. Sometimes, you can just be neighbors who smile and nod to each other and not hang out.


The sketch style is a staple of Saturday Night Live. They do it frequently enough that we’ve come to expect it from the show. But why this version of it works in particular is because of how Plaza and Day sell it so well. Who else could confidently say they are a sociopath and get away with it the same way that Plaza does in this sketch?

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Basically, they reveal so much and absolutely are saying things that any normal group would have questions about but then at the end of the sketch, Ego Nwodim asks for clarification on an answer Plaza didn’t get, and the whole group seems fine with the horrifying response. So, they’re all ignoring the sociopath bit or the information that she loves guns and listed a bunch of knives that she maybe threw at him? Honestly though, those are some good neighbors.

The sketch was pretty much just that. Plaza would answer something outrageous, Day would match her energy, and the two just kept playing the game while everyone else just sat around. No one questioned them, nothing else really happened in the sketch, but it was hilarious to see just how far they could take the bit and still have it be funny.

In the end, we all learned one valuable thing from this sketch: Parties with your neighbors are probably just a bad idea all around. The cul-de-sac does not actually need a game night. Or else you might just learn what turns your neighbors on.

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