Bleach Creator Mourns the Anime’s Latest Death in New Sketch

Bleach Creator Mourns the Anime's Latest Death in New Sketch

Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War has truly leaned into the “blood” section of its title, with the Wandenreich cutting its way through countless members of both the Soul Society and the Arrancar to help in cementing their menace as the Shonen anime’s latest foes. While Ichigo is still trapped in a spiritual prison, the Shinigami are struggling to fight against Yhwach and his forces, with one major Soul Reaper falling before the Quincy family and creator Tite Kubo supplying heartbreaking art to honor the dead.

The majority of this new episode focused on Yhwach, the head of the Sternritter, fighting against Yamamoto, the elderly head of the Soul Society whose power is nothing to sneeze at. With the old man revealing his Bankai during the battle, anime fans were able to witness the terror behind his fiery potential as he not only burned everything around him but also had the ability to bring back those who have fallen before him as his skeleton army. Unfortunately for the Soul Reapers, Yamamoto’s strength wasn’t able to put the nail in the coffin for the head of the Wandenreich, who was able to deliver a fatal blow to the old man who might have been the biggest power backing up Soul Society.

RIP Yamamoto

Tite Kubo used his Official Twitter Account to share a new piece of art that sees Yamamoto back to back with Chojiro, his assistant who had fallen earlier this season, creating a heartbreaking scene as both Soul Reapers have now died as a result of their fight against the Sternritter:

The current season of Bleach will be over fifty episodes, adapting what was originally the final arc of the manga to the small screen, although fans are left wondering whether Ichigo Kurosaki will return with new anime episodes, and new manga chapters, when the current arc comes to an end. With Tite Kubo revealing a new chapter of Bleach last year which gave us the older versions of our favorite Shonen Soul Reapers, the special installment ends on quite the cliffhanger and points to the idea that Ichigo and his friends’ story might be far from finished.

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