Bringing Texans Up to Date | Texas Co-op Power

Bringing Texans Up to Date |  Texas Co-op Power

“I can’t remember when I wasn’t drawing,” he says with a wisecrack. “I tell people I drew before I walked when I was 13.”

Moore was born in Beaumont and later moved to Merkel. His mother, who liked to make delicate pencil sketches, encouraged him to draw.

“She told me it was all right to be an artist, even when I took some heat for it at school,” Moore says. “I got some paddlings for drawing in class.”

Moore was a standout athlete in high school. After college, he briefly coached at a high school in Hamlin, about 30 miles north of Merkel. He went on to work as a foreman for Texas Instruments, then began selling textbooks. He launched his own advertising agency, called Moore & More, after moving to Austin in 1971. About that time, he began selling editorial cartoons to newspapers.

“I went to a couple of newspapers and said, ‘Y’all need a cartoonist,'” Moore says. At first, he drew political cartoons but eventually switched to less controversial topics. “I gave up on politics. I really wasn’t all that into it, but they liked my style and my price, which was damn near nothing.”


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