Community Review: Fire Emblem Engage

Community Review: Fire Emblem Engage

Howdy folks! It’s time for our first game-specific Community Review of 2023!

The last time we saw the Community Review, we had a look at the year that was 2022 in gaming. However, we’re going back to form this time with one of the first big releases of this year: Fire Emblem Engage!

Fire Emblem Engage was released on January 20th 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It currently holds a Metascore of 82 and a User Score of 6.8 on Metacritic. With numbers like that, something tells me that the response is pretty mixed.

Unfortunately, we did not receive a review code for Fire Emblem Engageso it did not fall into my sad, wet little hands.

Kotaku US posted their review round-up of what various outlets thought of Fire Emblem Engagewhich seems to echo much of the same: great gameplay mechanics that harken back to the traditions of Fire Emblem as a series, but the story is a bit lacklustre.

In terms of what critics thought of it over here, scores range from above average to high.

GamesHub gave the game a 4/5, noting its “great improvements to the turn-based tactical combat system”. Press Start gave the game an 8/10, calling it “another great entry into the gilded halls of Fire Emblem.” Checkpoint Gaming gave it a 6.5/10, saying, “Its spectacular graphics are something to behold; it’s just a shame that it is accompanied by a story that falls completely flat and emblem heroes that are shadows of their former selves.”

I’m still keen to get my hands on it myself, as I was a big fan of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If it isn’t obvious from purely the way that I am, I am an Edelgard girlie.

But enough about what everybody else thinks. What do you think of Fire Emblem Engage? Did it engage you? Is it the turn-based fantasy you hoped for? Are you living your Colgate: The Anime dreams? Let us know how you like it (or dislike it) in the comments!

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