COVID Is a Suitable Vacation Option in New Sketch


Saturday Night Live loves to call out society and now they’re doing it with COVID. Remember the days when you could go outside and see other people wearing masks and taking the pandemic seriously? Because I do and this sketch is honestly a pretty good call out to both how people are currently reacting to COVID as well as everyone’s return to the mentality of needing a break. Guest Amy Schumer took it a classic Saturday Night Live commercial format with ease and it was honestly very fun.

Are you tired of working non-stop and being busy all the time? Do you wish you could just take a 5-10 vacation away from everyone else with really nothing else to do? Then get COVID! The sketch highlights a few different scenarios in which you would want a break and need to just get away from life and instead of, you know, voicing those feelings to those in your life, you could instead just get sick and hope it doesn’t have any lasting effects on you.


There’s a mother needing a break from her kids, a high power employee who just wants to lay in bed, there’s a man who thinks going to a cabin alone will help, and there’s no better way to take a break than be so sick you might having lasting health issues but hey, that vacation though!

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If this sketch happened even at the beginning of this season, prior to the bivalent booster, I don’t know that it would have worked, but it really was genuinely funny how the sketch progressed from people who just wanted a break to showing them with brain fog, having health issues because they kept getting COVID to be away from the people in their lives, and the sketch even calls out how everyone seems to suddenly feel “differently” about getting COVID.

Could we all use a vacation? Yes. But I don’t think our doctors would prescribe going out and getting COVID so that we can’t go anywhere and have to just stay sitting in our homes. Still, this sketch was one that really did highlight how much the last two years have shifted from everyone sitting inside with nothing to do to everyone going back (for the most part) to their daily routines and it really is wild to look at.

But hey, if you don’t want to actually get sick, just get Always Positive and just show everyone your constantly positive COVID test to get out of things.

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