Earnse Bay Kite Surfing aims to open a surf shack in 2023

Earnse Bay Kite Surfing aims to open a surf shack in 2023

THE owner of Earnse Bay Kitesurfing has one aim – to get his new center ready for children to use in the next summer season.

Chris Ainsbury already has a temporary ‘surf shack’ in north Walney, but wants to create a permanent facility for schools to use. The shack will not only provide an indoor shelter and changing facilities – Chris wants it to also house a cafe and a shop at some point in the future.

However, Chris wants the shack to be available as a center prior to the Paris Olympics in 2024, which will host kite surfing as a sport for the first time.

The Mail: The sketches for new permanent facilityThe sketches for new permanent facility (Image: Earnse Bay Kitesurfing)

Chris said: “At the moment people don’t know what it is about, they don’t realize it is a sport until they see it in the Olympics. If this is ready before then, we’ll go through the Olympics and everybody sees it, and this will already be developed for kids.

“I think there will be a massive support. It is absolutely perfect, there’s no other facility like it in the North West. I’ve been going through health and safety to prove that it is not a dangerous sport.”

The Mail: The current facility at Earnse Bay The current facility at Earnse Bay (Image: Earnse Bay Kitesurfing)

Getting the center off the ground has already been a long process for Chris: “When I first built it in 2019 we started building the school, and this is what we wanted in the first place. At the moment, we’ve only got a temporary building. When we started building they (Barrow Borough Council) took an enforcement officer along and we went through planning to do all this.”

To help get his vision off the ground, he has been ‘talking to all sorts of people’ including his current students: “I am talking to one student who is an architect. She has done all the sketches so I sent it to the council .”

If things go well for Chris, he is hoping to have the permanent facility up and running son: “I have got some plans, we are now seeing if we can get the go-ahead to do this. If they give the go-ahead soon we can build it this year and get it right for the new season in May.”

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