Editorial | The Daily Star

Editorial |  The Daily Star

I have been working alongside my studies for the past 4 years. When I introduce myself and tell people about my work situation, I am often met with gasps and bravado. I am asked if my studies suffer, sometimes I am also asked if I perform well at work. On particularly trying days I may even be asked if I make enough money, and if the money is worth sabotaging my studies for. However, I have never been asked if I have been sleeping well, or at all. I have never been asked if I have taken a day off for myself to relax and recharge. I have never been asked if I enjoy the work I am doing.

Truth is, our society normalizes and to some extent, prioritizes the idea of ​​a skewed work-life balance where most people are overworked to the end of their wits. We often do not recognize the toll bad work-life boundaries take on us, and continue to pressure ourselves. I’ll admit I am pretty bad at maintaining these boundaries myself. But we need to start somewhere.

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