Featured Photographer: Liz Potter – “A Tornado of Sketches” — Analog Forever Magazine

Featured Photographer: Liz Potter - "A Tornado of Sketches" — Analog Forever Magazine

Liz’s silver gelatin prints are perfectly balanced, with crisp black-and-white tones and surreal composition that elevates the everyday: a young girl cradled in a tree, her feet reaching out to a curious deer; a group of teenagers running through a field, seemingly oblivious to the giant fire to the left of the frame; a white-tiled bathroom with a scorpion nestled in the sink, its tail curled into a question mark. There is an indelible sense of the Texan landscape in Liz’s imagery, and viewers can feel how much she loves this vast expanse of land through her lens. “The connection [to place] is very strong, and I feel bound completely to this region, my experiences in nature, and the exhilarating freedom of living in a sparsely populated area make me want to express this connection in my work. It’s a way for me to not only document places that feel like home, even if they’re in a tent, hours away from my house, but also document how the landscape around me feels in the moment.”

More recently, Liz has been working on complicated Polaroid emulsion lifts onto glass plates, which she later uses in the darkroom to make large paper-negative print positives. She shares her darkroom trials and successes on Instagram, connecting to her audience with knowledge, humor (she’s hilarious!), and an infectious love for photography: one can’t help but be inspired by her boundless energy, skill, and creativity.

“There’s always a tornado of sketches, notes, and influences that I can pluck from when clarity starts to form around an idea; I never discount any thought I have, I tuck it away for when it’s time to push it further, add complexity to it, or work it into another idea,” says Liz. “So much inspires me it’s almost too much to put into a list.”

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