Final days to find Waldo around Martinsville before prizes are drawn | Local News

Final days to find Waldo around Martinsville before prizes are drawn |  Local News

People have been hunting for Waldo around Martinsville and surrounding areas all month, and the winner among those who found him most will be announced Saturday.

Books and Crannies owner DeShanta Hairston started the city-wide Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt in local small businesses.

The instructions are simple and listed on the back of the pamphlet that can be picked up at most participating locations:

First, when you spot Waldo at any of the participating businesses, collect a store stamp or signature.

Then, spot the Waldo with a difference at Books and Crannies and collect a stamp.

Next, when you have collected at least 10 different store stamps or signatures, take them to Books and Crannies to claim a Waldo Temporary tattoo and a coupon for $1 off (limited to first 125 completers).

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If you collect at least 20 stamps or signatures, take the pamphlet to Books and Crannies to get your temporary tattoo and coupon and be entered into a drawing to win a deluxe set of Waldo books and other prizes from the participating businesses.

Hairston said that the “purpose of the event was to promote local businesses and encourage the community to have some interactive fun for the summer.”

The idea for the event came from a partnership with indie bookstores across the nation for the #FindWaldoLocal Scavenger Hunt through a campaign that was started by the American Bookseller Association and Candlewick Press.

“This is the first year we participated in the event and have had so many youth and families show excitement to join in on the fun,” Hairston said. “Many of the businesses involved have also experienced increased traffic from the people stopping by to search for Waldo.”

“I focused on kid-friendly small businesses in this event with hopes that our community would support them while visiting,” she added. “Small businesses have struggled during the pandemic and have not received as much financial relief as major corporations. I want to continue to drive people to support all of these businesses because they are the driving force of our community.”

Saturday is the last day to get signatures, and the prizes will be drawn at the celebration at Books and Crannies at noon the same day.

Joseph Armstrong of Sweet Heaven Candy Store said families and people of all ages have come into the candy shop looking for Waldo. Generally, while they are to get their stamp they buy a little something as well.

Amanda Doman of Marvel Freaks said that she would estimate around 50 people have come into the store because of the scavenger hunt. She said that Hairston walked into the store one day while she was pricing some items and asked if they wanted to participate, and she said “absolutely.”

David Kitzmiller of Daintea Bakery Cafe said that the scavenger hunt brought in around 5 to 10 people a day, and Daintea even ran out of pamphlets to pass out to people.

Yluelhaldi Rose of Books and Crannies said Waldo-searchers have come in in groups of up to 10. About 70 kids ranging in age from 6 to 17 have come in for it.

Rose said that the Waldo box set they are giving away has a $50 value and includes the first seven “Where’s Waldo” books, and additional prizes will be “swag bags” made up of items contributed by the participating businesses.

The small businesses that are participating are: Books and Crannies, 50 E Church St.; The TAD Space, 20 E Church St.; Piedmont Arts, 215 Starling Ave.; Unique Styles & Designs, 42 E Church St.; Blue Ridge Library, 310 E Church St.; The Boutique Uptown, 50 E Church St.; Pure Perfection Barber, 46 E Church St.; Marvel Freaks, 2042 Rives Road; Daintea Bakery Café, 2044 Rives Road; Sweet Heaven Candy Store, 1113 Spruce St.; Virginia Museum of Natural History, 21 Starling Ave.; Daily Grind Café, 303 E Church St.; Sole Zone VA, 1237 Virginia Ave.; Cocoa Trail Chocolates, 3368 Virginia Ave.; Crossfit 276, 714 Memorial Blvd. N; Livy’s Ice Cream Shop, 2824 Virginia Ave.; Movie Town, 67 Veteran Road; The Ground Floor, 1 E Church St.; Sportlanes, 10 Koehler Road; Hamlet Kitchen, 1083 Spruce St.; Fenderz Drive In, 3627 Virginia Ave.; Railway Café, 188 Reed Stone St.; 50 Shades of Flavor, 5140 Kings Mountain Road; Starling Ave Cards & Comics, 937 Starling Ave.; and Fridays Garden Deli, 1117 Memorial Blvd. WITH.


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