First Sketch Of Kurapika Shared By Yoshihiro Togashi After Announcing HxH Manga’s Return

First Sketch Of Kurapika Shared By Yoshihiro Togashi After Announcing HxH Manga's Return

Yoshihiro Togashi is working with everything he’s got to deliver the new chapters of Hunter X Hunter as soon as possible. The Hunter X Hunter anime still ended with a satisfying conclusion back in 2014. But the manga has been on hiatus since 2018 and is stuck at a point where the fans are eager to know what happens next. To keep the readers updated and hyped for the upcoming chapters, Togashi usually shares rough sketches of his work via his official Twitter account. And the recent sketch shared by the writer is of none other than Kurapika.

The first hint for the manga’s return came from Togashi’s account on May 24th, 2022. At that time, it wasn’t clear if it was the legend himself or a fake account. But then, Yusuke Murata, known for the manga version of One Punch Man, stepped up to confirm the legitimacy of the account. It turned out that the account was official, and so was the news of HxH’s return. Not long after that, Togashi’s account became the most followed mangaka account on Twitter.


The first sketch was also out one day after the confirmation of Hunter X Hunter’s return. It was simply a tree trunk with other trees in the background, easily a scene from the dense forest. Since then, several other rough sketches have been tweeted, but none of them gave us anything solid to deduce the story of the coming chapters.

This is the first time we got a full-fledged sketch of one of the major characters of the manga. And it’s none other than Kurapika, the only survivor of the Kurta Clan, known for their flabbergasting Scarlet Eyes. The other sketches shared previously were simple doodles, and it was hard to tell what they meant. The new sketch of Kurapika shows the character in his old look with a short-bob hairstyle. And it seems like he is wearing his usual blue and golden tabard dress that he wears throughout the series. From the looks of the sketch, Kurapika seems surprised while looking at something.

Several fans speculate that the upcoming chapters of HxH will focus on Kurapika. Believing that since Gon has found his dad, it would make sense for Kurapika to step in as the most focused character, taking his revenge on the Phantom Troupe.

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