Fuller Lodge Art Center And Life Drawing

Fuller Lodge Art Center And Life Drawing

Los Alamos

I have been patiently waiting to see how the Los Alamos Arts Council takeover of the Art Center will develop. All the social, pandemic aftermath has held me back until now.

I have been a member of the Art Center since the 70’s when I was in High School (revealing my age, but emphasizing my membership longevity). I have seen many directors manage the Art Center and was on the board of directors a few times.

I don’t know why the change came about with the Arts Council taking over the Art Center. Please know that I am a close friend and supporter of Ken Nebel, the most recent director. His leadership brought more followers, members and participants in shows and events than I can remember. Show openings became big social gatherings with music and food and visitors from all over.

I have not yet seen a growth of classes for children or adults. I know Covid has been a player in this atmosphere. Fellow artists are not as readily participating in teaching or shows.

I, personally, have been a regular participant in the Art Center Life Drawing group that started in the 1950’s and that is what ‘drew’ (no pun intended) me to becoming a member. The rooms for Life Drawing were always considered part of the Art Center’s contribution to the community. My understanding is that our group would have to pay a pretty significant rental fee to use the County classrooms in the Art Center. Fees for models are difficult as it is. (Our group is now meeting in a small back room in the Village Arts building—owned and operated by Nebel.)

The Arts Council is encouraging more membership and donations, but I am not seeing what the change has brought to benefit artists yet.

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