Heartwarming Way Eastern Iowa Students Join Teachers Big Day

Heartwarming Way Eastern Iowa Students Join Teachers Big Day

This might be one of the most creative ways I’ve heard about someone finding centerpieces for their wedding. As someone who is in the middle of planning a wedding right now, I will say, it can be stressful. There are so many things to remember to do and plan for. Something that can relieve some of that stress is when you can get a little bit of help. This Linn-Mar elementary school teacher found the perfect helpers for her big day.

Brandi Rickard’s elementary school students got to be a part of their teacher’s wedding day, which happened in August. Most kids aren’t thrilled with having homework assigned to them over the summer, but I’m guessing this was an assignment they were all excited to get done.

According to KCRG, Brandi asked her students to create art pieces over the summer so she could include them at her guest’s wedding tables. She asked the students to draw what they thought she and her (now) husband would look like.

Every student got to draw me and my now husband and what they thought we would look like at the wedding.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it created a ton of fun for the guests who were in attendance. Every guest was able to talk about the art that was on their table. Not only were the drawings front and center, but also according to KCRG, some of the students also wrote letters about what love is or why people get married.

Whichever student wrote this is a smart kid… I imagine this one got a pretty good laugh as Brandi described it as one of her favorites. She told KCRG that one student wrote about why people get married and said: “it was because the lady wants expensive things.” Like I said… a pretty smart kid.

This is what weddings should be all about. As stressful as they can seem to prepare and plan for, they should be fun. The day really is about the couple getting married and sharing a special moment with their family and friends. It doesn’t really matter if every decoration is in the perfect place or how much money people spend on them.

For Brandi, it made her day just that much more exciting. She told KCRG she was happy her students were able to be a part of the celebration.

I’m just happy that I got to include my students and that hopefully they’ll see this and know that it was really special for them to be a part of my day.

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