Illustration , A Medium To Percieve And Project Dreams And Nostalgia.


Contemporary art has reached out more closely to people. Living under city scapes, in the era of urbanization, technology, and the varied cultures, contemporary paintings and sketches might come easily to the present time generation. Contemporary art, if defined, is the art of today’s time, or specifically produced in the second half of the 20th century. In a globalizing world, it is exhilarating to see artists being influenced by a number of factors, producing art, completely different and unique. Art in a broad sense, can be understood as including music, paintings, props, sculptors, installments, etc. Today we will be presenting contemporary artists producing irresistible paintings and sketches.

Paul Chiranjit

Paul Chiranjit, along with being a contemporary artist, is also a fine arts teacher. With his magic filled hands, he has been painting a myriad of beguiling oil sketches. The canvas is his space of utmost creativity of the human faces and their surroundings. As you scroll through Paul Chiranjit’s paintings, a constant dazzle oozes out of his oil sketches. Covering mainly sketches of female goddesses and female portraits, Paul Chiranjit plays transparently with the oil on the canvas. His creative energies are vividly expressed in his oil strokes and minute details. Apart from oil sketches, Paul Chiranjit also has mastery with pencil on paper.

Rajmohan Ramamoorthi

Rajmohan Ramamoorthi is a professional contemporary artist, with experience and talent in pencil sketches, digital art as well as watercolor portraits. His real life, captivating, lifelike portraits, speak of Rajmohan Ramamoorthi’s adeptness and artistic skills. Each eye that he has drawn speaks of its own story and has its own life. Be it the pencil strokes, or the splashed colors, each speck of his art is produced with the same detail, attention, and accuracy. While his watercolor portraits deliver a more nuanced dream like story, the pencil sketches speak in a more intense manner.

Debayan Kar

Debayan Kar, with his classic elegance and creative energies, has been producing exceptional art pieces. His collection is so unique, unblemished, and stunning, with art drawn and produced through different mediums and methods. From watercolors, to pencil sketches, to charcoal, and line contouring, Debayan Kar, has been using art as a medium to express his inner thoughts. Most of his art pieces are also a tribute to and pay respect to famous and legendary icons. This contemporary artist has truly mastered the essence of portraits, and each piece speaks of the raw skills of Debayan Kar.

Samir Mondal

Samir Mondal is a contemporary watercolor artist. His art pieces are unique and are challenging the very idea of ​​what art should be. Giving the textures of oil painting through water colours, Samir Mondal is freely showing his inner artistic creations in more ways than one. In his art pieces, one can easily find a novelty, an invention and experimental aura. Samir Mondal plays with his colors very enthusiastically. He is for sure defining and being an active part of contemporary art and contemporary artists.

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