Jason Lee: I was violated on so many levels in David Baddiel’s sketches | Sport

The stare was chilling, anger filled Jason Lee’s eyes and his body language was as taut as garrotte wire. Every ounce of the 51-year-old’s being was focused on David Baddiel as his old tormentor walked into a studio to meet him for the first time. Finally, Baddiel had come to apologize for the trauma he inflicted on Lee, than a Nottingham Forest forward, by blacking up and mocking his dreadlocks and finishing on the cult BBC comedy program Fantasy Football League. Even now, 25 years on, Lee still gets people shouting: “He’s got a pineapple on his head.”

Baddiel was visiting Lee for his program about antisemitism, Jews Don’t Count, a belated show of contrition. The moment it finishes, at 10pm on Channel

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