JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Shares First Sketches of The JoJo Lands

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Shares First Sketches of The JoJo Lands

It looks like the time has come, JoJo fans! After a long wait, the world is about to be introduced to its next Joestar. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure just shared its first look at The JoJo Lands, and Shueisha went so far as to share a special sketch from the upcoming series.

As you can see below, Ultra Jump released the special look earlier today. After all, the magazine gave us all the goodies by showcasing the next JoJo along with his manga’s title. Starting February 17th, The JoJo Lands promises to take readers on a tropical ride, and our first sketch of the series proves as much.

Creator Hirohiko Araki shared his first rough drafts of The JoJo Lands with fans, and they are stirring conversation already. In the quickly inked panels, you can see everything from the ocean to a lush mountain range and palm trees. One panel shows a few cars driving on the road while others are loaded up with surfboards. An airport sign is also highlighted, and a rough landscape is shown featuring a large sailboat off the coast.

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Obviously, these sketches don’t give away any big secrets, but it shows fans what they can expect. The JoJo Lands is going to feature a very different setting from Araki’s previous works, so readers can look forward to whatever goodies it holds. We’ll get to learn more about this world when JoJo drops her new title next month. So if you need to brush up on your Joestar lore, we suggest you start reading ASAP!

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