Kenan Thompson Reminisced About First SNL Sketch, And It Involved Punching Someone In The Face

Kenan Thompson playing Bill Cosby and being interviewed by Maya Rudolph playing Wanda Sykes on SNL.

Kenan Thompson might be the longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history now, but back in 2003, he was a new addition just looking to actually appear on the show. That was initially difficult as he wasn’t a writer and didn’t yet realize you needed to actually talk to the show’s writers and convince them to write things for you. Thankfully, he got in a quick appearance during his first episode thanks to the help of Maya Rudolph, and he recently reminisced about that big first moment that happened to involve punching the comedian in the face.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the two bonded over both starting their current gigs in 2003 and Kenan Thompson reflected on his first appearance on the show and the story behind it. Here’s a portion of his quote…

It was when Wanda Sykes hosted the Emmys that year. (The Emmys are) usually right around the start of the season. It was my first week on the show. I didn’t know what I was doing because I wasn’t a writer. Coming from Nickelodeon they wrote for us, basically, so I didn’t really know about taking meetings with people and making sure you schedule with a writer to get into the program. You kinda just gotta jump into the deep end and swim. Sat, I was just kinda sitting around. Everybody was in their offices, and I was just twiddling my thumbs or whatever. And then Maya came up and she was like, ‘Did you see the thing with Wanda Sykes and Bill Cosby?’ I was like, ‘Well, what happened?’ She was like, ‘Bill was really weird with her or whatever.’ So we recreated that moment, and I ended up punching her in the face.’

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