Letter to the editor: Cartoonist’s buffet leaves a bad taste

Letter to the editor: Cartoonist's buffet leaves a bad taste

Although I am a proponent of free speech (especially when it does no harm), as an independent voter I was offended by Lisa Benson’s political “cartoon” about the democrat buffet (Portland Press Herald, Nov. 3). Not funny or entertaining.

Yes, the Democrats espouse higher taxes (on those earning the most), and with those taxes we should be able to help others by promoting health care for all and a reduction in homelessness. Why would she put crime on the buffet – the right’s failure to regulate dangerous weapons is promoting crime! Democrats do espouse more regulations and sanctuary cities. High housing costs are not new. (If you want to blame inflation on anyone, let’s go for Putin). Finally, she lists “no fossil fuels” – how ridiculous is that? We can only hope our use of these fuels will decline.

To be fair, Benson should draw the same format with a Republican buffet – she should be sure to list that the menu was updated substantially in 2016. Here are the menu items: corporate greed (record profits on fossil fuels); 2020 stolen election (no evidence, no matter); abandonment of women’s rights (old white men rule!); lying and racism are OK (Jesus will forgive you); and climate change denial (today is what counts!). I could go on, but you get the picture.

Regi Robnett

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