Mathame shares 10 science-fiction inspirational tracks

Mathame shares 10 science-fiction inspirational tracks

So What video tells a story about a riot, an internal revolution between artificial intelligences, the one who wants surveillance, and the one who leads us to creative freedom.”

Italian brothers Matham have just released their latest single ‘So What’ via Astralworks. The single serves as an example of the dark and voluminous signature sound found at the roots of the duo’s sonic core.

Drawing influence from their lifelong passion for science fiction and anime, Matham collaborated with Japanese AI art collective Hokuto Atarashi to create the official music video for ‘So What.’ Echoing his background as an award-winning film director, Matteo co-directed the visually captivating apocalyptic reality utilizing another of his passions, artificial intelligence. Depicting anime-inspired characters that evolve into a riot as they dance through the streets, the video conveys dystopian themes that the duo are known to explore in their work.

For the special occasion, Matham have shared 10 science-fiction inspired tracks. Watch the ‘So What’ video below.

1. Brian Eno – By This River

“When human literature and music speak the same language and communicate the same scene.”

2. Jon Hopkins – Immunity

“Tech Hopkins in the finest way possible. Crafted grooves and irresistible synthetic sound make a journey hard to repeat.”

3. Moderat – New Error

“One of the peaks of the Moderate saga. Minimalistic and super focused beat, mood and emotion. Slow cooked, slow tech, a perfect match.”

4. Joy Division – Atmosphere

“Melancholic electronic, this track is one of the fathers of the indie electronic sound.”

5. Lanark Artefax – Voices Near The Hypocenter

“This was the inspiration when we drew our signature synthesizer sound, we were in a random airport, and we found the light with this.”

6. Bach – St. Matthew Passion

“One of the greatest cinematic arias ever written from a human mind but probably also one of the greatest pages of music in the history of mankind. No words to explain the feeling, in every version or interpretation you can find it.”

7. Alva Noto – Xerrox

“Absurd minimalism that goes so deep in your ear receptor, teaches us what simplicity means is not easy.”

8. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

“We love Daft Punk in every way. This track shows the power of the synthesizer morphing into a guitar sound that takes you over.”

9. Aphex Twin – Girl Boy Song

“Richard D. James in his melodic side. When the orchestra and robot speak together but mainly depict the same scene. Cinematic Concentrations, brain dance and eyes dance.”

10. Wu Tang Clan – Bring The Pain

“The mother of the raw deep rap. Feel the smoke, feel the raw suburbs, feel the pain. The future looks dystopian like this piece of art.”

Mathame’s ‘So What’ is now available via Astralwerks. Grab your copy here.

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