Mr and Little Miss Start a Trend: the story behind the new Instagram craze

Little Miss and Mr Men memes have become the latest internet sensation. (Photo: Instagram)

Little Miss and Mr Men memes have become the latest internet sensation. (Photo: Instagram)

If there’s one thing the internet has taught us it’s that anything can go viral at any time and right at the top of that list is the Mr and Little Miss meme trend. But how did it all get started?

The bold and colorful cartoon figures that many people are using to share their insecurities and show the world how they’re feeling are derived from a children’s book series that dates back to 1971. Roger Hargreaves, a British author and illustrator, created the Little Miss and Mr Men children’s books after he was asked by his son Adam to describe what a tickle looked like.

This is how Mr Tickle, an orange figure with long, bendy arms and a blue hat, became the first in a popular book series that went on to sell more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Soon the Mr Men books spawned a Little Miss series and was adapted into a BBC TV series.

After Roger’s death in 1981, Adam took over the series, adding new characters and books.

In 2011 Little Miss Princess was introduced ahead of Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William. The Spice Girls have also been honored with their own Little Misses in 2019.

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Fast forward to June 2021, when Tumblr user (yes, people still use Tumblr) NotYourGayBestie shared the first of many “Little Miss Smokes Too Much Weed” drawings, which was an instant hit. But it wasn’t until July this year when Instagram user Nicole started posting different Little Miss and Mr Men memes that people started hopping onto the bandwagon.

Nicole’s LittleMissNotes account now has 18 million followers. Even Big Little Lies actress Reese Witherspoon is hooked, posting Little Miss characters to her Instagram.

The trend involves users adopting a Little Miss or Mr Men character and then posting a pic of that persona with a witty caption such as Mr Vape, Little Miss Afraid of Intimacy or Mr Loves To Cook but Orders Delivery Every Night.

Well, there you have it, Little Miss I Don’t Care about This Trend but Still Do It Anyway!


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