MultiVersus Fan Creates Concept For Playable Audrey 2 From Little Shop of Horrors

Fighting on a Rocket in Multiversus

A fantastic, fleshed-out concept for a new playable fighter in MultiVersus shows just how deep into its vault of IPs Warner Brothers could go.

A mockup for a MultiVersus version of Audrey 2, the alien plant monster from the 80s musical, Little Shop of Horrors, is making the rounds on the internet. The impressive fan-made design is almost indistinguishable from MultiVersus‘s existing character screens and feels like a natural fit for the ensemble cast platform fighter.

January 16 brought the Lunar New Year’s update for MultiVersus, which introduced a series of new cosmetics, balance changes, bug fixes, and two remixed versions of existing maps. It also marked over two months since the November 15 release of Marvin the Martian, the most recently added playable fighter in MultiVersus. With this current season’s battle pass winding to an end, fans feel like a big character reveal is imminent. Between established leaks, wishful thinking, and developer hints, the next addition to the MultiVersus roster could be anybody or anything, and fans are eager for some concrete information.


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User Ctrl-Zee showed off their latest design, an Audrey 2 MultiVersus character page, by posting it to the MultiVersus subreddit. The antagonistic alien plant is perfectly rendered in Player First Game’s bright cartoon style. If not for Ctrl-Zee’s tag at the bottom, it would be easy for fans to mistake the design for an official announcement. Everything from the fonts for the titles of MultiVersus and Little Shop of Horrorsto the color palette and Ben-Day dots, completely sells the image as a genuine character page.

Little Shop of Horrors is a cult-favorite musical comedy film adapted from an off-Broadway musical play. The classic 80s flick highlights the breadth of IP ownership under the Warner Brothers name. MultiVersus already shows this potential for differing characters, with such off-the-wall matchups as Game of Thrones’ Arya duking it out Bugs Bunny, or the Iron Giant teaming up with Stephen Universe to take down Velma and LeBron James. Player First Games has already established that it is willing to pull from cult 80s films with the recent addition of Stripe from gremlins, so Audrey 2 feels like an absolutely perfect fit in the game, which could draw inspiration from Super Smash Bros’ Piranha Plant for its move set.

Ctrl-Zee’s design for their dream MultiVersus character is not only a professional and well-done render but also makes sense in regard to what new character could make a good new addition to MultiVersus and help round out its roster. The concept certainly has legs, even if Audrey 2 does not.

The Multiverse is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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