My Hero Academia Artist Inks the Series’ Genderbent AU in New Sketch

My Hero Academia Sketch Unites Baby Izuku With His Favorite Hero

My Hero Academia is in the midst of one of the most tense arcs yet, and we have Bakugo Katsuki to thank. The character gave everyone a heart attack this year when a cliffhanger all but left the hero for dead. As efforts continue to save the boy, fans are doing their own thing online to support Bakugo, and that includes one of the manga’s artists themselves. And thanks to their tribute, well – fans have an idea of ​​how My Hero Academia would have been if it were gender-bent.

As you can see, the work comes from Shotaro Noguchi who goes by nstime23 on Twitter. It was there Kohei Horikoshi’s assistant decided to send the fandom into a tizzy, and they did so by exploring an alternate universe where Izuku and Bakugo are girls.

As you can see, Izuku looks as adorable as ever here no matter their gender. The hero’s short curls are impossible to miss, and they are even adorned with a cute clip in this shot. Dressed in a button-up shirt and skirt, Izuku looks fit for class, and Bakugo is the exact same.

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Of course, the gender-swapped look keeps the fundamentals of both characters alive. Izuku looks nothing short of adorable while Bakugo’s aggressive expression says a thousand words. Whether they’re boys or girls, these two never change, and Noguchi is now being sent pleas the world over to carry on sketching peeks at this special AU.

What do you think about this artist’s take on Izuku and Bakugo here? Does the gender-swapped AU work out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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