My Hero Academia Creator Makes New Sketch To Celebrate Sixth Season Premiere!

My Hero Academia Creator Makes New Sketch To Celebrate Sixth Season Premiere!

My Hero Academia fans are counting the hours until tomorrow’s premiere of the sixth season. The wait for it hasn’t been as long as the one for season 5 was due to the pandemic, but they’re glad the waiting is almost over. Fans want to see what happens when the Pro-Heroes go up against the Paranormal Liberation Front and their leader Shigaraki. They also want to see what happens with Deku and his continued journey to become the true wielder of One For All. So a lot is going on, and there’s much to look forward to this season. So much so that the franchise’s creator decided to celebrate too!

On Twitter, Kohei Horikoshi posted a picture of Deku alongside the time of the premiere. That’s not only cool to see but appreciated, given that Horikoshi is currently writing the final chapters of My Hero Academia! One of the latest chapters involved a tense showdown between Deku and Shigaraki, so fans are on edge. That confrontation won’t be in the anime for some time, but to know it’s coming is enough for some fans as it’s something to look forward to in the future. Enjoy the sketch below:

Deku’s journey has not been easy in the manga or the anime. As a non-Qurik user before he met All Might, Deku could only dream of being a Pro-Hero. Then, after getting blessed with the power of One For All, he started to show his abilities. But doing so destroyed his body at first. Across the first five seasons of the anime, we’ve seen Deku come to terms with his limits and evolve into a competent hero-in-training. Including taking down many villains on his own and taking the One For All style to new heights with his Shoot-Style, his air blasts, and more.

Just last season, he learned of the ability of All For One to transfer the Quirks of past wielders onto Deku. He first learned the Black Whip ability and will learn to use the others soon enough.

That’s good because he’ll need all the tricks he can get to face off against the Paranormal Liberation front. Shigaraki has worked hard to build up his forces to bring down Pro-Hero society, and now that goal is within his grasp. The Pro-Heroes won’t make it easy on him, though, and many heavy hitters have appeared in the teases for season six, including Endeavor, Hawks, Mirko, and more.

The team behind the anime has promised lots of action, big character moments, and dramatic arcs for Mirko and Twice. The countdown to the premiere continues, and fans are ready to go beyond to enjoy one of their favorite shows once again.

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