My son, 7, made a Christmas present for his friend but it had a very rude mistake – I was in hysterics

My son, 7, made a Christmas present for his friend but it had a very rude mistake - I was in hysterics

A Scottish mum was left in stitches after discovering her tot had inadvertently drawn Cristiano Ronaldo giving a ‘middle finger to the haters’ after his explosive TV rant.


Joel Bell drew the rough drawing for a friendCredit: Kennedy News and Media
His mum Cara was left in stitches at the picture


His mum Cara was left in stitches at the pictureCredit: Kennedy News and Media
She shared the picture on social media


She shared the picture on social mediaCredit: Kennedy News and Media

Cara Bell, 38, was spending a typical evening at home on November 16 as her three children did some after-school arts and crafts.

However, a Christmas present for a Manchester United-loving pal quickly took a wrong turn when son Joel, who is seven, accidentally drew Ronaldo with his middle finger in the air.

The hilarious image shows the divisive footballer with gritted teeth, menacing eyebrows and a third digit held up with pride.

The doodle was timely as it came following the star’s controversial interview with Piers Morgan in which he claimed he’d been ‘betrayed’ at Manchester United.

Cara, who is a women’s worker at a church, noticed the mishap ‘straight away’.

Cara, from Barlanark, Glasgow, said: “Hey [Joel] is a very kind-hearted, sweet kid. He’s adorable. He doesn’t make angry drawings.

“This is so not like him, it’s so funny.

“We’re not a family that swears, and that’s what makes it even more funny. He would never mean it.

“It was very out of character.

“We spent pretty much the entire evening laughing about it.

“Joel was shocked. We were laughing, saying that it’s okay, and we knew he didn’t mean [to draw] that. He was a bit embarrassed.”

There is speculation that the footballer could soon be sacked from the team after his controversial interview – making Joel’s masterpiece all the more appropriate.

Cara said: “It’s really recognizably Ronaldo, there’s something about it that just captures him.

“The image looks like he’s putting up a middle finger to the haters and his manager.”

The youngster’s drawing, which is soon to be framed and delivered to his boyfriend, has racked up over 600 likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

The mum-of-three claims that Joel is loving the ‘fame’ and feels like a celebrity thanks to his online fans.

One commenter said: “That’s ace and very apt given his [Ronaldo’s] recent interview.”

Another user said: “I think it looks better than the actual Ronaldo.”

A third wrote: “This is beyond brilliant. Give the lad a high-five from me.”

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