One of the Most Surreal Anime Series Ever


While it does contain an unconventional art style and a zany storyline, Kyousou Giga is one of the few outlandish anime to achieve mainstream status.

Mainstream anime such as My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man will always lie at the core of the anime industry. In fact, it is not unusual for a popular shonen or shojo anime to be a newcomer’s first watch. Of course, this overwhelming reception may overshadow plenty of other anime, especially if it’s due to the difference in genre or the time it aired.

This lack of reception is quite common with series that may have a wacky and random storyline or tone, some examples being Paranoia Agent and Welcome to Irabu’s Office. Filled with a unique art style, as well as bizarre character designs and events, these shows are perfect for anyone interested in stories that lean more towards the more eccentric side of anime. However, there is one surreal-driven anime that has managed to crawl its way up to mainstream status: Kyousou Giga.

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Kyousou Giga Is a Truly Surreal Anime


Kyousou Giga is set in an alternate version of Kyoto where humans, animals, spirits and robots coexist. Three siblings, whose father brought the city to life through drawing it on paper, are given the responsibility of looking after it when their parents unexpectedly vanish. Later on, a young girl from the real world named Koto, who is the focus of the story, somehow finds her way into Kyoto — something that has never occurred before — and is determined to locate the siblings’ lost parents. As she is the only one from the real Earth, the siblings have faith that Koto will be able to free all the citizens.

An immeasurable surrealism and illusiveness is present throughout this isekai anime’s ten-episode run. With bright, neon colors and magical weapons all around, it would be far from the truth to say Kyousou Giga is just another fantasy anime. Along with the cohabitation of several species, Kyoto is constantly strewn with strange phenomena and events, making this series live up to its bizarre genre and standing.

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Why Is Kyousou Giga So Memorable?


Given Kyousou Giga‘with unique and absurd plot, it may be difficult to understand why it was able to attain mainstream status in the first place. While Paranoia Agent and Welcome to Irabu’s Office defied storytelling and visual aspects in their own ways, neither of them did as well — nor are they as memorable. However, aside from its outstanding art style and impressive soundtrack, Kyousou Giga did several things differently that helped it stand out from the former two and find success.

Although viewers may be confused about what is going on during the first couple episodes, Kyousou Giga makes up for this by allotting plenty of time for world building, something seen in a lot of popular anime. Much like the highly-received dark magical girl anime Madoka Magica, Kyousou Giga broke the boundaries of storytelling and its theme by not being afraid to showcase how unpredictable it could get, as well as revealing more about the characters and the world they lived in as the story went on. Due to this, viewers are able to understand the plot a little bit more after watching each episode, keeping them on the edge of their seats to finish this surreal series.

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