Overwatch 2 player is sketching Zenyatta every day until the game’s release

Overwatch 2 player is sketching Zenyatta every day until the game's release

There is no doubt that Overwatch has a passionate player base. One Zenyatta fan channeled his passion into a must-see project.

Overwatch’s sales ‘catapulted’ thanks to Overwatch 2’s Watchpoint beta access proving that the six-year-old game is rolling on strong as players eagerly await the sequel.

Overwatch 2 releases on October 4 and for the last 155 days and counting Overwatch 2’s release date, an Overwatch 2 player has been posting a daily Zenyatta drawing.

Overwatch 2 player releases daily Zenyatta drawings

Reddit user ZenUntil5v5 has posted a daily Zenyatta drawing for the past 155 days with no signs of stopping.

Each drawing pays homage to a pop culture reference or other random activities featuring the popular Overwatch hero.

The Reddit user’s 155th drawing portrays Zenyatta as Superman.

Other drawings tribute Spongebob and Pokemon.

Some of the posts went viral on Reddit, and the Overwatch community praised the artist for their quality of work and dedication.

One Overwatch fan said, “I am so in love with this idea. I will be here for it every day.”

Another user responded, “We need more Zenyatta fan art, keep up the great work.”

ZenUntil5v5 thanked everyone for the support after his 100th drawing.

“Thank you! My wrists are good for now, however, ideas are getting difficult to farm up.”

If the dedicated artist maintains their commitment, we still have over two months of Zenyatta drawings on the way.

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