Pokemon Fan Art Shows Ghost-Type Trainer Complete With Ghost Eevee Evolution

Pokemon Ghost Trainer

Pokemon fans have been making art dedicated to the series since its inception over two decades ago. This includes drawings, custom figures, and tattoos that all feature various pocket monsters. The Pokemon the fan base loves creating pieces inspired by the franchise, letting their imaginations run wild.

One type of art that fans love making are custom Pokemon trainers. Gamers not only produce these ideas of custom trainers, but also provide their take on what characters from other properties would look like if they raised Pokemon. One artist has produced a piece of artwork to show what they think a trainer who specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon would look like, as well as their version of a Ghost Eeveelution.


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An artist on Reddit known as salt_the_wizard posted a piece of fan art of their vision of a Ghost-type Pokemon trainer. The character’s design is rather unique, as they sport a hoodie with a ghost face as the hood, mismatched leggings, and pink sneakers that are untied. Along with the trainer is a team, which consists of Gengar, Mimikyu, Chandelure, and Marshadow. Salt_the_wizard also created a Ghost-type Eeveelution for the character, which features a white and blue body, as well as ethereal flames similar to Chandelure’s where its ears and tail would be.

The piece is a cute look at a trainer who would command only Ghost-type pocket monsters and would make a great NPC or Pokemon gym leader in future games. Salt_the_wizard’s work has earned a few fans and currently has over 200 upvotes. One commenter stated that they like the face that the Ghost-type Eevee has, while another nicknamed it Muerteon, which is a play on “muerto,” the Spanish word for death. A user expressed their love for the art and asked if salt_the_wizard could do a drawing of a Dark or Ice-type trainer, to which the artist replied that they already did a Dark one on their Instagram page.

Salt_the_Wizard is just one of many artists drawing pieces of trainers. A Redditor going by the name marcosfill combined Pokemon and the anime series Naruto by drawing the latter’s characters as trainers. The user drew their take on what Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke would look like if they were in the RPGs, with all three of the characters wearing outfits reminiscent of what they wear in the anime. This includes Naruto wearing a shirt and pants that look similar to the orange jumpsuit he is known for and Sakura wearing a ribbon in her hair that looks like the headband she usually sports. The work that marcosfill did is an interesting mix of the two franchises, bringing together two fandoms of popular properties.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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