Popular Lakewood karaoke bar partners with local artist for new celestial mural

Popular Lakewood karaoke bar partners with local artist for new celestial mural

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) – You may notice a new addition to the wall outside Corky’s Place on Detroit Avenue, and you have a local artist to thank for it!

New mural outside Corky’s bar in Lakewood(Source: Aaron Casey Jr.)

Aaron Casey Jr. has been a regular at the karaoke bar since he moved to Lakewood in 2019.

“It’s a great atmosphere with great people who work there,” he said. “A couple of them actually I’ve become good friends with.”

Casey’s been drawing since he was young, when he saw old letters his dad would draw for his mom of Mickey Mouse.

“I would then start drawing Mickey Mouse and Garfield comic clips art like every day,” said Casey. “I’ve been drawing since I was like 12 years old, I’m self taught and take inspiration from a lot of Disney, old cartoon classics I grew up on and just Japanese art styles, etc.”

He attended Kent State for a few years, he said, where he learned a few art-related skills, but the majority of his skills came from practice, and studying other’s art to create his own style.

As for Lakewood’s newest mural, the idea came to him one night while sitting at the bar.

Casey said he pitched the idea of ​​filling that big empty wall with his own art piece, taking it to the owner, city hall and eventually coming up with the piece as it stands today.

“I wanted to display a musical reference to the bar since it’s a karaoke bar and have it out of this world, kinda based on the moon,” he said. “Astronauts hanging out and some holding a microphone and have earth in the background just showing how popping that bar can be a lot of nights.”

Corky’s Place has become a favorite among Lakewood locals, many attendees becoming regulars, like Casey.

He said he not only wanted to seize the opportunity to display his own art, but also to bring even more exposure to the business.

Find more of Casey’s artwork on his Instagram, or take a drive down Detroit to check out the out-of-this-world mural for yourself!


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