PSVR 2’s new features make it safer for everything but my wallet

PSVR 2 new features my wallet is doomed

Sony has published an early look at the PSVR 2, specifically highlighting its excellent safety features, but it’s making me fear for the well-being of my wallet. These features include a see-through view, virtual reality broadcasts, a customized play area, and the ability to swap between VR or Cinematic modes.

Each time Sony shows off the PSVR 2, I grow more convinced that it will be the first virtual reality headset I ever purchase. And it’s getting to the point where I’m overcome with worry. This won’t be an inexpensive purchase, but there are so many reasons to be excited about it.

There is a camera atop PSVR 2’s headset that displays its footage directly on the screen. It’s a great way to look at your surroundings without taking the headset off, and will certainly make gaming more convenient, especially when you’re without your controllers or need to look around the room quickly. This can be done by pressing a button on the headset itself, or through the PSVR 2 menu card’s “View Surroundings” option. It gives you a bit more control than the comparable features on the Quest 2.

(Image credit: Sony)

Not only will the PSVR 2 scan the room you’re in, but players can manually set the boundaries of the room with the sense controllers. It allows you to draw the borders of your space, so when you get too close it’ll warn and encourage you to take a step back so as not to bang into anything. VR is great, but safety concerns are among my biggest worries for never getting one, so these features should help.

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