Queen Elizabeth II: Lancashire artist’s sketch of the Queen reunited with Prince Philip goes viral on Instagram after being shared by Tyson Fury, Gary Barlow and others

Queen Elizabeth II: Lancashire artist's sketch of the Queen reunited with Prince Philip goes viral on Instagram after being shared by Tyson Fury, Gary Barlow and others

The moving drawing only took artist Kerri Cunningham, 34, around an hour to complete but has reached more than a million people on Instagram and has 300,000 likes.

Artist and stay-at-home mum of three Kerri, of Northall, Much Hoole, was inspired to sketch the image after remembering seeing real-life photographs of the Queen and Prince Phillip looking free and happy at Balmoral, the place where the Queen lay the rest

The image shows the Royal couple reunited in the afterlife, with the Duke of Edinburgh greeting the Queen with the words, ‘hello again, Lilibet’.

Kerri Cunningham with her sketches of the Queen that are being sold for charity. Picture: Neil Cross

She said: “It was the two of them, just laughing and being happy together in that place that was happy for them. It came to mind as a nice tribute to them, to bring them back together again.”

Kerri studied fine art at UCLan and founded her own company, Murphy’s Sketches, after reigniting her love for art again and drawing in her free time.

She said: “I do my sketching when the kids go to sleep. I would just like to say how moved I’ve been by the reaction and how incredible it is to see my image placed on the floral tributes for the Queen, I wish I could see it with my own eyes it’s hard to believe.

“And I’d also like to say I’m so thankful to everyone who has placed an order so far and hopefully we can raise some money that can really do some good.”

The sketch that has gone viral

Kerri, who sketches under the name of Murphy’s Sketches, which is titled after her young son, said: “It was just a shock, I went to put my children to bed and came back to 100s of emails and messages from people about the drawing and obviously likes and shares on Instagram.”

The sketch gained a lot of attraction and some from famous people as they too shared it on their Instagram platforms. Names such as Tyson Fury, Frank Bruno, and Gary Barlow shared the picture as a tribute to the Queen.

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Kerri is now selling copies of the viral sketch with all profits going to the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) A charity that is fitting for Kerri as she has a lot of young children in her family and the charity also has Royal Patrons such as the Countess of Wessex.

Kerri Cunningham

She said: “A family member volunteers for childline (which is part of the NSPCC) and she contacted me Friday and told me the Queen was the patron for the NSPCC until she was 90, that alongside the fact that I have a young family and the printing company also have a young family it felt like a really fitting cause to donate to.”

The sketch is available to buy on this website and has been set up by a company called The MPC Ltd that reached out and offered to set this up for Kerri for free. You can view the sketches on Kerri’s website for her business: Murphy’s Sketches and her Instagram handle is @Murphys_sketches.

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