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  • Make Sure Subjects Are Clear And Focused

Games allow you to try out a variety of professions, and By that covers one of the most creative: Photography. As an ambitious little photographer, you’re encouraged by your grandmother to go on your very own photographic adventure. This wholesome journey will culminate with you experiencing an event called “Toem”, but it’s not as easy as getting on the bus there.

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You do eventually have to take the bus there, but you’ll make numerous stops along the way. In each area you visit, you’ll meet a number of quirky and curious characters who are all in a bind that can be resolved with a good photo. Here are some tricks to keep in mind so that your camera will always have direction.


Look For Sparkles

Despite being a game that is totally in black and white, Toem is a very strange cartoon world with a lot of things to draw the eye. Not only are there a variety of species, beings, and little dudes to talk to, but there are also a lot of unusual objects with which to interact. However, you will have to be careful not to get too distracted and end up overlooking the most valuable ones.

In each area of ​​the game, there will be points that are highlighted by sparkles hovering around them. Make sure you do what you can to expose what they’re shining on to snap a rare photo.

Photograph Cats

There are numerous types of animals in Toem, some you may recognize and others you may not. Either way, most wildlife can be found doing some unusual things which are photo-worthy. Now, while cats dominate the internet in terms of videos and pictures, their fame can be felt in this game too.

While exploring, keep an eye out for cats that are lying about or doing strange thingsso you can snap some memorable and entertaining photos for your personal album.

Also, “Photograph Cats” is just good IRL life advice, to be honest.

Observe The Background

Despite being a photographer, the Toem protagonist has a reason to be the center of attention. Not only are they working on a portfolio, but they’re also running around helping out whoever they can by doing kind, picture-taking related deeds.

As you get different photo assignments, you’ll naturally be drawn to whatever is right in front of you, but don’t let that be the case. There are various wondrous sights that will only ever appear in the distance, so always check the background not only for objectives but for unforgettable sights.

Don’t Hoard Photos

We live in an age where cameras and memory cards can store a seemingly unlimited number of photos. While Toem also provides ample space for photos, there is actually a limit to how many you can carry.

You may be tempted to take photos and selfies of every weird thing you see, but sadly not all of them will be worth something. The best thing to do is keep space free for task-related photos and rare shots before filling it up with your own personal favourites.

Make Sure Subjects Are Clear And Focused

Taking good photos is not as easy as some would make it out to be. Everything plays a role, from the lighting to the spatial relationship between everything in the shot. It’s true that a lot of tasks can be completed by vaguely aiming your camera in the direction of the subject at hand, but don’t assume that is the norm.

Some NPCs will request photos of subjects that need to be framed in a very certain way for them to be acceptable. To ensure success, take several photos of the subject experimenting with different angles and ranges while keeping everything in focus.

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