T-Rex Sketch Completed In a Way That Could Never Be Replicated by AI

T-Rex Sketch Completed In a Way That Could Never Be Replicated by AI

Twitter user @anloremi recently posed a challenge to users on the social media platform: complete a T-Rex image to prove that human art cannot always be replaced by artificial intelligence. The results of the challenge were truly impressive, with each submission adding a unique and hilarious twist to the image. While AI may be able to replicate certain artistic skills, it cannot match the creativity and individuality that sets human art apart. Yet…

Complete this image in a way that proves you won't be replaced by AI

And who?T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.

T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.AM AND AI?  find the dinosaurT-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.

Raaawww!Did I understand the assignment?Woof woof arfffI'm human!I wish I hadn't seen this tweet right after I decided to go to sleep.  When I saw such beautiful drawings together, I couldn't sleep without drawing something.  I drew it in an hour and a half with my style on the new series I'm working on.  I am waiting for your comments.Unfortunately this is the extent of my MS Paint skills.AI got nothing on meT-Rex drawing.T-Rex drawing.Last one, I promise

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