The 10 Best ‘Key and Peele’ Sketches

The 10 Best 'Key and Peele' Sketches

I’m at the horribly old age now (24) where I’m meeting people younger than me who don’t know the very hip, very relevant things I grew up with. You’d think that even YouTube would give these things staying power, but, well, in some cases, you’d be wrong. I some comments on Instagram talking about NopeJordan Peele’s newest movie, and one of them said something along the lines of, “Yeah, did you know he used to do a comedy show when he was younger?”

When was he younger? My brother in comedy, that was only seven years ago! Have we really already forgotten the bounty of ridiculously hilarious sketches that Key and Peele are you giving us? Yes, some of them feel juvenile now, but goddamn if they weren’t the peak of comedy at the time.

I feel like we need to rectify this situation before we collectively forget about this show. Here are some of our favourites Key and Peele sketches, before time runs out and I turn 25.

Pizza Order

I honestly love all the Wendell sketches and would put them all here, but that’d be cheating, right? The rising absurdity of the plot here is perfectly executed. You don’t expect it to go in the direction it goes in—the premise seems pretty plainly laid initially—but it just keeps amping up.

What kills me is that it DOES eventually come back to the original premise, in a way that makes you actually sympathize with Wendell instead of cringe. Like, that’s just dope.

Meegan, Come Back

Meegan really became her own supervillain throughout the show, but this was her very first appearance, and in many ways, her best. I don’t know how he does it, but Jordan Peele, for all his horror-genre genius, is really, really good at playing a vindictive, manipulative valley girl.

Of course, though, Key’s bumbling Andre is the perfect complement to Peele’s skin-crawling Meegan. How else do the Meegans of the world thrive, if not for their obliviously determined himbo boyfriends?

Weird Landlord

This one just really sticks in your head, in ways that I never expected it to. When I first watched it, I was a nasty kid with braces who lived a comfortable life in my parents’ house. Then I grew up and realized, like many who leave the nest, that landlords really are a whole other breed.

And also, the windup here is classic, as far as gags go. I’m very glad they delivered.

Cunnilingus Class

“Take a peach and practice” has become a habitual earworm for me. Also, like…they’re right.

Prepare For Turbulence

This one isn’t even that funny in concept, it’s just the way they act it that kills me. Peele has such a subtle way of conveying the wildest emotions, while Key brings everything to the fullest. It’s a perfect balance that makes even the dumbest gags hilarious, with this sketch being the best example of that.

Froyo Shop

Again, what really sells me on this sketch is the way Key and Peele embody their characters. You really believe that they are these people, and as such, you, uh…you really pity poor Froyo Lady.

It’s okay, girl. I think most of us would treat ourselves to free froyo 24/7 if we had the option.

Obama Meet & Greet

While the ‘anger translator’ sketches are pretty fun, they’ve also aged somewhat poorly. This one, I feel, is the best Peele-As-Obama sketch, since it’s a really silly premise but it just works so well. It doesn’t go on for too long, either, and shaking the baby’s hand was a perfect way to cap it off.

And also, as a fellow #mixedkid, I appreciated the interaction between Obama and Key’s character.


Yeah, there’s definitely something to be said about the derivative nature of poking fun at the way women talk to each other, but I think it works here. Key just won’t stop going on and on about this guy, and what starts as a simple “F*** him!” conversation turns into something that’s actually pretty real.

Every little “Okay” ramps up until you really feel Peele’s growing annoyance with the conversation, and haven’t we all been there? You’re always there for your girlfriends, but goddamn, they just need a big OKAY to get a grip sometimes.

Bonding With a Kid

Normally, I would say that Peele is the most versatile when it comes to embodying characters. But when Key finds a character he can really work with, he really becomes that character. I genuinely believe I was watching the world’s most conniving little boy in this sketch.

And it’s great. You tell him, baby. You run this house.

Substitute Teacher

So, so dumb. But a classic for a reason.

Did we leave any of your faves out? Share your Key and Peele memories in the comments!

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