The Meaning Behind Princess Eugenie’s Teeny Tiny Tattoo

The Meaning Behind Princess Eugenie's Teeny Tiny Tattoo

The Meaning Behind Princess Eugenie’s Tiny TattooMax Mumby/Indigo – Getty Images

When it comes to British royals and protocol, the list is…endless. Especially if we’re talking about rules around personal appearance, which we are! A few particularly strict (and some might say deranged) edicts from the palace? Ahem:

  • You have to wear nude stockings to public engagements

  • Colorful nail polish is a no-go

  • Handbags should be worn in the left hand (so the right hand is free for waving and handshakes, obviously)

  • Tiaras can only be worn if you’re married

  • Hats must be worn to formal occasions

  • Makeup should be subtle

  • Coats can’t be taken off in public

And truly, that’s just the beginning.

So…what about tattoos? There isn’t a guidebook stating that royals can’t have them, but in a family where going out sans stockings elicits GASPS, it’s not shocking that no one’s out here with visible tattoos. scratch that almost well she.

While one never knows what Prince William has lurking beneath his clothes, Princess Eugenie is the only royal with a visible tattoo, although it’s almost always hidden by her hair due to being super tiny and right behind her ear:

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee 2022 National Service of Thanksgiving

Max Mumby/Indigo – Getty Images

It’s unclear when Eugenie got her tattoo, but it made its grand debut pretty recently—when she attended a National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of her late grandmother Queen Elizabeth on June 3, 2022.

So, what does the tattoo mean? Eugenie hasn’t confirmed the meaning herself, but there’s speculation that she got the tattoo in honor of her grandmother—and that the circle could even represent the Sovereign’s Orb, which is a famous symbol of the monarch’s power.

elizabeth ii after her coronation

Hulton Deutsch – Getty Images

And actually, Eugenie isn’t entirely alone in the tattoo department. Lady Amelia Windsor (the Duke of Kent’s granddaughter) has several tattoos—although she isn’t as high-profile in the royal family and therefore doesn’t always have to ascribe to the same rules.

serpentine summer party 2018 arrivals

Mike Marsland – Getty Images

Legend also has it that Prince William wanted a tattoo, but Kate Middleton wasn’t here for it. A sailor who spent time with Wills revealed, “Lots of the guys on board sport tattoos [and] it was obvious William was fascinated. He asked how painful it was and wanted to know what they thought of his idea for a tattoo across his shoulders. We didn’t think he was serious–but he said he was keen to get a large tattoo like the one David Beckham has. He said the only thing stopping him was his girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall (aka Princess Anne’s daughter) got her tongue pierced when she was a teenager. And she actually gave a brief comment about tattoos while chatting about her husband, Mike Tindall, saying, “He absolutely hasn’t got a tattoo. I’d also rather one of my daughters came home with a piercing than a tattoo because at least a stud can be removed. I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if they did though.”

So yes, while Eugenie seems to be the only royal with a visible tattoo, she’s certainly not the only royal who has flirted with body modifications. And again, who knows what’s lurking under Prince William’s shirt 👀.

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