The original “Batman: The Animated Series” sketches are on sale

The original "Batman: The Animated Series" sketches are on sale

Among the many media and products created around the figure of Batman, one of the best known in the early 1990s was certainly the animated series ‘Batman: The Animated Series‘, aired from 1992 to 1995 and broadcast in the USA by Fox.
In 85 episodes, authors Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski showcased a large number of characters, the heroes Batman and Robin but also the butler Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and even the Joker and the Penguin among the enemies. The success of the series is also due to the style with which the characters were drawn, different from that of the comics, more angular and essential in the lines. The news of the day is that now, thirty years after the first episode, it is possible to buy the original sketches of the series.

Ranging in value from $300 to $500, some original sketches from ‘Batman: The Animated Series‘, from which the most famous episodes and scenes of the series originated, are available on Choice Fine Art and Uncrate. This is a way of appreciating the art of animation in its preliminary form, which brings into play much more the work of the illustrators and their skill in constructing the stroke, areas of light, shadow and perspective.
The illustrations are sold with a wooden frame and each has the official authentication stamp of Warner Bros, who produced the TV series. Browsing through all the illustrations is a journey into Gotham City, amidst evil laughter and lights pointing skyward.

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