The Owl House Animator Shares Spooky Five-Year-Old Sketches

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Animator Spencer Wan reveals pre-production work he did for Disney’s The Owl House which shows Luz Noceda getting into some grotesque situations.

As dark as Seasons 2 and 3 of The Owl House have been, early animation frames proved that it had the potential to get even more macabre.

The Owl House animation supervisor Spencer Wan posted two concept scenes he designed for the Disney Channel cartoon “five years ago before the show was greenlit.” In one clip, protagonists Luz Noceda and King — both looking fairly similar to their finalized show appearances — back up into a mirror, only for the reflection to emerge and reveal a grotesque, protruding mouth composed of claws and tentacles. The other sees Luz riding atop a unicorn-like creature while King hangs from its tail, but instead of hooves, the beast runs on rainbow-colored spider legs.

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Created by former Gravity Falls storyboarder Dana Terrace, The Owl House follows Luz, a teenage girl who unwittingly stumbles upon a supernatural fantasy world in another dimension known as the Boiling Isles. There, Luz befriends rogue witch Ed Clawthorne (Wendy Malick), who lets Luz stay in her home (ie the Owl House) alongside monster companion King and guard demon Hooty (both voiced by Alex Hirsch). Luz gradually becomes a practitioner of rune spells and befriends teen witches Willow and Gus at the local magical school Hexside, as well as local bully-turned-girlfriend Amity. These adventures gradually uncover new secrets about the Boiling Isles and its mysterious leader Emperor Belos, later revealed to be a human witch hunter intent on destroying all magic in the realm.

Since its release, The Owl House has been well-received by critics and fans for its characters, visuals and intricate worldbuilding. The show also received critical acclaim for its positive LGBTQ+ representation, from Luz and Amity’s romance — making Luz Disney’s first openly bisexual protagonist — to Eda’s feelings toward her non-binary companion, Raine.

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Disney confirmed in 2021 that it was canceling The Owl House after Season 3, which will consist of three extended 44-minute episodes rather than a full season run. According to Terrace, this cancellation was due to a decision from executives that the show did not fit into Disney’s “brand” with its serialized structure and appeal to mature demographics, rather than its openly queer heroes.

The Owl House‘s Season 2 finale aired on May 28, although Season 3’s release date has not been announced yet. That same month, Disney also debuted the final episodes of Amphibiansa similar animated fantasy series created by Gravity Falls storyboard artist Matt Braly. Both shows have paid homage to each other and Gravity Falls via Easter eggs.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Owl House are currently streaming on Disney+.

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