The Real Story Behind The Sketch Of Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip That’s Gone Viral

The Real Story Behind The Sketch Of Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip That's Gone Viral

The image was drawn by artist Kerri Cunningham, who said she’d been inspired by the Countess of Wessex’s photograph of Prince Philip and the Queen. When Cunningham learned of the Queen’s passing, she felt “it would be a nice tribute to put them back again,” per the BBC. The sketch took an hour and was executed with a black pen and coloring pencils, per The Guardian. When Cunningham shared the image on social media, she didn’t anticipate the reaction she would get. The artist said, ‘It went quite crazy once I posted it. I went off to put the kids to bed [and] my big brother messaged me to say, ‘Tyson Fury has shared your picture.’

Cunningham added that nothing she has drawn in the past has struck a chord the way this image has, but she feels there is a reason for that. “I think the simplicity of the sketch has touched people — we can all relate that to an old couple we know — I’ve had a few people message me saying, ‘this is a lovely image of the Queen but it also reminds me of my grandma,'” she added (via the BBC)

The Guardian also reports that Cunningham has since received numerous requests to purchase the drawing. Because she didn’t feel it would be right to make money from the Queen’s passing, she is donating all the profits to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

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