There’s only one plan in this election, the other side has sketches: Ruto » Capital News

There's only one plan in this election, the other side has sketches: Ruto » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 26 — United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate William Ruto has criticized his archrival Raila Odinga (Azimio) saying he had no clue on what he intends to do in his bid for the presidency.

Ruto who spoke in a post-election interview at the presidential debate on Tuesday said he had a solid plan to transform the country’s economy through targeted investments in agriculture, manufacturing and policy interventions to avail affordable credit.

“I’d have hoped that my competitor would have been here. Unfortunately, and it is understandable, that there is only one plan in this election: the Kenya Kwanza plan, the other side has sketches and that is why they are not here,” he told a pool of reporters shortly after emerging from the debate.

Ruto went on to state Odinga’s camp lacked the political will to fight corruption since such a move would be resisted by its key partners.

“We are the only side that has a plan on fighting corruption, conflict of interest and state capture. The other side (Azimio) are actually hostages. They’re sponsored by people who perpetuate conflict of interest and they missed this debate so as not to offend their sponsors,” he said.

During the debate snubbed by Odinga, Ruto defended his track record saying he had done enough under a difficult political environment to discharge his mandate in line with his oath of office.

Ruto also pledged to formulate a policy on the two-thirds gender rule within 90 days and ensure the required threshold is reached within a year.

Ruto who spoke during the presidential debate on Tuesday said he had assembled legal experts to propose policy interventions that may not necessarily require constitutional changes to implement.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance leader said he would ensure women, who lag behind in representation, are elevated to positions of influence in Parliament and the Executive where they have equal status with their male counterparts on crucial national matters.

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