These 5 Celeb Men Have Filed For Divorce Since Appearing On “Where Are We Going Dad?”

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Variety show “Where Are We Going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿)” has always been a fond memory for many. The show, focusing on the relationships between celebrities and their children, has warmed many hearts and captured adorable moments between them.

Unfortunately, the show seems to have its own side effects as well. Although the couples who appeared on the show have always been loving and sweet, some of them did not last. In fact, it was recently pointed out that a total of five celebrity couples who made an appearance on the show have since been divorced!

1. Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) & Ma Rong (马蓉)

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Wang Baoqiang married Ma Rong in 2009 and had two children together. The couple later appeared on the show in 2015. Unfortunately, a year later in August, Wang Baoqiang announced that he was divorcing Ma Rong. As it turned out, Wang Baoqiang suspected his wife of cheating on him with his agent. Their divorce suddenly split the family apart, with Wang Baoqiang bringing up their son while Ma Rong took care of their daughter.

2. Sean Zhang Liang (张亮) & Kou Jing (寇静)

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Fans may not be as familiar with model Sean Zhang. However, they will likely remember his son Vincent Zhang (张悦轩)! Sean married his wife Kou Jing in 2007 and had Vincent and his sister. Sean then appeared on “Where are we going, Dad?” with Vincent later in 2013. However, at the end of November 2019, Sean announced that he was splitting up with his wife. It allegedly took a year to complete the divorce proceedings.

3. Wang Yuelun (王岳伦) & Li Xiang (李湘)



Chinese director Wang Yuelun made waves with his daughter Angela (王诗龄) when they first appeared on the show in 2013. Regretfully, this had the unfortunate effect of drawing the public eye when Wang Yuelun was revealed to be embroiled in cheating scandals. He later announced that he was divorcing Li Xiang in 2021 after twelve years of marriage.

4. Christopher Downs (夏克立) & Phoebe Huang (黄嘉千)

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To the surprise of many, Christopher and Phoebe announced their divorce lawsuit in September this year (2022). Their divorce was a messy one as Christopher later claimed he had been forbidden from seeing his daughter for over ten months. Just recently, the actor returned to Taiwan to appear in court for the lawsuit. Christopher married Phoebe in 2006 and appeared on “Where are we going, dad?” with his child in 2015.

5. Gary Chaw (曹格) & Wu Shuling (吳速玲)


Gary had been a guest on the show with both his kids, Joe and Grace in 2014. However, in October 2022, Gary revealed that he was in a cold war with Shuling. Although they had tried to fix their 14-year-old marriage, Gary shared on 26th November that they were officially divorced.

Well, it’s certainly a sad state of affairs to discover how long some of these couples have been together before calling it quits. However, on the bright side, memories of them with a happy marriage are still preserved in the show!

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