Viral sketch of Queen and Philip will be sold to raise money for charity | Queen Elizabeth II

A sketch of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip drawn in the aftermath of her death that went viral is being sold to raise money for charity.

In the illustration, the Queen can be seen reunited with her husband on a picnic blanket above the words “Hello again Lilibet”, a childhood nickname.

The pair, who have their arms around each other, are joined by one of the Queen’s many beloved Corgis.

Kerri Cunningham, 34, from Lancashire, is not usually in the business of sketching the royal family, but as news of the Queen’s death broke, she decided to pay tribute to the monarch.

The inspiration for the drawing came from a photo of the Queen and Philip sitting in the grass at Balmoral on a family picnic.

β€œIt was so natural and wasn’t something you’d usually see. When it became clear how poor she was, the image sprung to mind,” Cunningham said.

“They were just two people who loved each other in their happy place. It really moved me at the time.”

Describing the Queen’s passing as a “punch to the stomach”, Kerri said she first realized something was amiss when the BBC suspended its broadcast.

“I can’t believe it happened and I will never forget the day. It’s really sad for anyone to lose a grandmother, but her death is significant for the country.

“Watching Charles speak about his mum was so touching. I’ve been following the royal family’s mourning as much as I can, and will be watching the funeral on Monday.”

Her sketch, drawn with a black pen and colored pencils, took about an hour, after which she posted it on social media thinking nothing of it.

However, the attention soon grew, with hundreds liking and sharing the poignant tribute.

“I absolutely did not expect the response, it’s a shock,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw people including it with their floral tributes. A little girl had made her own copy of it.”

Cunningham was inundated with supportive messages from the public, many of whom asked if they could purchase the drawing, yet she did not feel comfortable profiting from something she only ever intended to be a mark of respect.

Remembering the Queen was a patron of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and being a mother of three, Kerri decided to donate all sale profits to the charity.

Another of Cunningham’s sketches, depicting the Queen standing at the end of a rainbow with one of her Corgis, is also available for purchase.

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