Virat Kohli with sketch.. Incident in the Pakistan match.. ?

Virat Kohli with sketch.. Incident in the Pakistan match.. ?
Virat Kohli’s sketch..! Incident in the Pakistan match..!?

The video of Virat Kohli discovering Mohammad Rizwan’s plan during the match with Pakistan is stirring the internet. In the Super 4 round of the Asia Cup series, India and Pakistan teams played many tests. In this match, Pakistan defeated the Indian team by 5 wickets and approached the final. Despite Pakistan’s victory, there is no doubt that it was Virat Kohli who grabbed the attention of all the fans. Virat Kohli, who scored 35 off 34 balls in the first match, was lucky to escape catches several times. But bowlers are not given any place in the Super 4 tournament.
He played aggressively from the first ball and scored 60 runs in 44 balls. Not even once did they get the slightest chance to get Virat Kohli out. He predicted the game and Pakistan’s bowling to that extent. In this case, an important video focused on kohli has been released. Virat Kohli faced the bowling of Mohammad Nawaz during the 8th over of the match. At that time, the wicketkeeper Mohammed Rizwan, who was standing behind him, moved a fielder in the direction of the offside and stopped him.Thinking that Kohli did not notice this, he told the bowler to bowl offside. But Kohli carefully observed it with his one eye. As a result, the bowler correctly predicted the length at which he bowled. Also, fans are referring to it as Virat Kohli’s Sketch.


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