Whanganui artists make it a family affair at the exhibition

Whanganui artists make it a family affair at the exhibition

Jared Shaw with sisters Dani (left) and Renee. Their art is being exhibited at Cooks Gallery until December 10.

The Whanganui Arts Society has a scholarship that they give, once a year, to a young artist. That person gets an exhibition in Cooks Gallery, home of the society.

Right now, the work of Jared Shaw is on display, with work by supporting artists, his sisters, Dani and Renee, also on show.

Jared’s mother, Veronica, recently joined the Arts Society, and all three children are or have been part of Rei Hendry’s after-school art program, although Dani took her art further through a design school in Palmerston North.

Jared studies under Te Kura Correspondence School but has been working on his art for some time. This is his first exhibition.

“Some people from the Arts Society saw my work and gave me the opportunity to have this exhibition,” he says.

Dani and Renee are also artistically talented and Veronica admits to dabbling in drawing and watercolors, so it’s in the family.

“Art’s like anything,” says Veronica. “You can learn to do it.”

Dani is into digital art but also enjoys watercolors and pencil sketching. Renee also likes watercolors. Both girls like anime, the Japanese-influenced cartoon drawings and paintings.

Jared prefers doing pencil and pen work, but if it’s a brush he needs to use, it’s watercolour. “I also do abstract stuff,” he says.

The exhibition features a variety of work, all of a high standard and well worth viewing.

The Whanganui Arts Society Scholarship Exhibition is on view each Saturday, from 10am to 3pm, until December 10.

Cooks Gallery, home of the Whanganui Arts Society.
Cooks Gallery, home of the Whanganui Arts Society.

Cooks Gallery sits alongside Cooks Gardens in Trafalgar Pl, below the velodrome, with access from Ridgway St between Wanganui Motors and Holdaways Brake and Clutch. It’s worth taking a little time to find, although it could do with some robust signage.

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