What Did You Secretly Use Your Kids Money For?

What Did You Secretly Use Your Kids Money For?

We hear sweet stories all the time about kids using there piggy banks for good.

Like when five-year-old Brian saw a letter from the Huntersville Fire Department requesting donations, he didn’t hesitate to help. According to that patches, the North Carolina boy went straight to the bank — his piggy bank — and cleaned it out to support his hometown heroes.

Brian sent a letter to the firefighters, writing “I hope this buys you a new fire truck.” He included a drawing of a fire truck with two firefighters and his $3 donation. When Brian’s three-year-old brother Luke heard about his big brother’s good deed, he wanted to help out too. He pitched in $1.25 from his own piggy bank and added a picture of a snake.

The Huntersville Fire Department serves more than 55-thousand local residents and sends out the annual donation letters to raise money to buy needed gear. The grateful fire department tweeted about the kind donation and shared some pics of the boys’ letters. They also shared a pic of the boys dressed as little firefighters getting to meet the crew at the firehouse.

But then there is us. We have all done it. Parent’s you know you have dipped into your son or daughter’s piggy bank to pay for something because you didn’t have cash on you. Maney and I both admitted to it. Maney said he paid for a pizza and tips deliery crews out of his son’s piggy bank.

Source: Patch

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