With over 680 entries, look who rode the wave to victory in a sea of ​​funny finalists in Walt Handelsman’s latest Cartoon Caption Contest! | Walt Handelsman

With over 680 entries, look who rode the wave to victory in a sea of ​​funny finalists in Walt Handelsman's latest Cartoon Caption Contest!  |  Walt Handelsman

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We received 682 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest! From sea-mail to bottled-up ideas, you flooded us with a wave of creative concepts. Our winner had a unique take on the drawing, and that short, quirky punchline had us all laughing hard! Well played, folks.

As always, when we have duplicate entries, and we always do, we pick the earliest sent in.

Here are your winners and finalists.


Mike Babin, Madisonville: (Punchline lettered into word balloon)


Shelby Rotolo, Metairie: “Boss, I thought you were kidding when you said you wanted to float something by me!”

George Seymour III, Gretna: “Sea rise from climate change? Well, our Gulf Coast office hasn’t been affected…”

Frank Vicidomina, Metairie: “Here comes that Ida insurance claim now!”

Becky Aldrich, Kenner: “What a coincidence, the tribute music is The Police’s ‘Message In A Bottle’.”

Richard J. Baldwin, Sr., Lafayette: “It looks like our New Flood Policy is finally arriving!!!”

Charles Theaux, Ponchatoula: “The memo about the Zoom meeting came too slow.”

Tim Howat, Lafayette: “Hold on…. I just got your sea-mail.”

Darren Winningkoff, Metairie: “My email is down so I have to go old school!”

Rich Wolf, Westminster, MD: “It’s great except for the whole seasickness thing.”

David Tripp Hanemann, Metairie:“We’ll set up a meeting at the water slide on Tuesday.”

Warren Bujol, Westwego: “Can you hear me now?”

Jo Barrios, Baton Rouge: “At least it’s not about my car’s extended warranty.”

Jay Lalonde, Lafayette: “I checked my spam folder. Oh wait!”

Donald Borey, Gonzales: “You’re busy? I’m barely keeping things afloat here!”

Randy Gibbon, Zachary: “I bet I need a username and password to open this bottle.”

John Taranto, Madisonville: “Yes sir – you should receive my response by next week or so – depending on the wind and the current!”

Lynn Bourgeois, Baton Rouge: “We need to update the system.”

Hal Levy, Baton Rouge: “Yes ma’am, the internet is down at this offshore branch, but we’re in daily contact with the main office.”

Charles Smith, St. Rose: “FLASH FLOOD WARNING!! Well, I didn’t get the memo.”

Lisa Winningkoff, Metairie: “Yeah, I’m at my desk now. I’m getting ready to look at something Phil had been keeping bottled up and wanted to float by me.”

Fabio Della Santa, New Orleans: “I’m beginning to think our accountant has a drinking problem…”

Sheri Lindsey, Baton Rouge: “Believe it or not I just got your out of office message!”

Marie H. Minton, Morgan City: “Yesssir! Keeping the business afloat, just like you asked!”

Kent Riddle, Denham Springs: “Hey Boss, I just got your notice about taking ‘Casual Fridays’ a little too far!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette:“At my ocean office, I can be reached by ‘shell’ phone, short ‘wave’, and ‘sea-mail’.”

Joseph Guidry, Lafayette: “My boss told me I was going places, but I didn’t think he meant like this.”

Brad Rosenberg, New Orleans: “Looks like Corporate wants to disturb my Quiet Quitting!”

Karen Poirrier, Lutcher: “This isn’t new to me. I once had a water bed.”

Mary H. Thompson, Greensboro, GA: “If this is the memo about the coastal erosion evacuation plan, you’re a little late!”

Vickie Barcelona, ​​Baton Rouge: “The boss keeps telling me to hurry up, but I’m in a no wake zone…”

Sam Johnson, Zachary: “I thought they said we could work re-floatly…”

Mary Perrault Williams, Baton Rouge: “Why do I keep thinking a cruise will feel too much like work.”

David Souther, Jefferson: “I would have sent my seagull but he is on break.”

Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, CO: “If this is progress, we’re sunk.”

David Delgado, New Orleans: “I Might Be Home Earlier, Depending On The Tide.”

Jay High, Baton Rouge: “Yeah, I got the memo! What?! Do they expect me to walk on water!?”

Louis R. Rolfes, Lafayette: “Hang on, they’re sending me a new Zoom backdrop.”

Jeff Calmes, Baton Rouge: “Remote on a float and I still get a note!”

Bill Hebert, Metairie: “I blocked his email and his phone but the boss still found me!”

Great job, everyone!


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